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Once you enroll you will be emailed a Username and Password so you can access your customized portal. From the Portal you will have access to your Full Program and our Libraries.

Starts With ABC – Helping you break through and succeed with your health struggles using our Psychology Based Programs. Our Programs teach Gradual Lifestyle changes with a focus on Consistency.

ABC Currently offers 3 Different Programs. ABC Life is our Lifestyle Improvement Program. ABC Diabetes Prevention is our CDC structured program and the ABC Diabetes Type II Program is our program to help you control your Diabetes. All plans will provide 24/7/365 Customer support backed by our Doctors, Psychologists, Herbalists, Registered Dietitians, Weight Loss Consultants and Personal Trainers.

Enforcing Weekly Follow-ups, essentially we are your Accountability Friend who will always be by your side making sure that you continuously reach your goals on a daily basis.

ABC’s group of professionals will work with YOU to design you a challenging yet realistic plan to help you get fit and stay fit.

Our Team is made up of Doctors, Psychologists, Dietitians, Weight Loss Consultants and Fitness Trainers to help you succeed every step of the way.

Our Approach (based on science) is very simple and very effective

  • Get to know you and your existing Lifestyle
  • Diabetic programs all follow CDC Guidelines
  • All programs are instructed by CDC approved Lifestyle Coaches
  • We make sure you have a realistic exercise plan and are doing the exercises properly
  • Design the right plan for you which can be sustained long term
  • Constant Support through Video Calls, Daily Reminders, Text Messages, Emails, Chats and Phone Calls. We are your 24/7 Accountability Friend.
  • Continuous education on Psychology, Motivation, Inspiration, Exercise and much more through our ABC Community

What it is: A proven way to make sure you stay on track by always having a 24/7 Accountability friend in your corner at all times.

Things happen and sometimes you might not follow your plan 100% and that is okay. If this happens do not worry about it just focus on getting back on track.

How we do this:

  • Available 24/7 by Phone/Chat/Text/Email
  • Continuous reminder communications by text and emails for upcoming tasks
  • Attainable yet challenging programs custom built for you
  • Progress is measured and evaluated
  • Daily Live Exercise Meetings with your Coach
  • Customized Exercise Plans Designed for you and provided on your calendar
  • Customized Nutritional Plans Designed for you and provided on your calendar
  • Easy to Check off program tasks to keep you on track
  • Weekly Consistency Reports and personalized follow ups

All Nutrition plans are backed by our Registered Dietitians. You will have access to your Full Nutrition Plan to download in a PDF Format. Your plan will also be broken down for each day of the week and available on your Interactive Calendar.

Things happen and sometimes you might not be able to follow your plan 100% of the time and that is okay. If this happens do not worry about it just focus on making sure that your next meal you get right back on track.

We have the ABC Starter Videos for this very reason, it discusses basic Exercise Philosophy as well as common mistakes to avoid.

ABC also provides instructional videos for hundreds of exercises.

These videos will primarily cover the below concepts:

  • Exercise Name
  • Body Part (Isolation)
  • Body Alignment
  • Start Position And Finish Position
  • Repetition Speed
  • Breathing Technique

Our main priority is not to just make our clients happy but for you to experience a complete lifestyle change. If you are not satisfied with the program for any reason just give us a 30 day notice and we will cancel your subscription.

Your program is designed so you can eat out and still follow your Custom Nutrition Plan. Your calendar will list the foods on your plan and also possible solutions on the go.

If you have injuries it is always recommended to consult a physician before exercising. Since our programs are very well balanced we will teach you how to work around your injuries.

It varies and depends on the Client. Our Accountability Program adds so much value to our Clients lives so most continue subscribing to our Service for years on end.

That is okay, Cooking will be useful but not a requirement to follow your plan. You can get ready made food at any local supermarket.

Based on your questionnaires our team will set up Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly goals with you. Once your goals have been established an ABC Team member will set up a follow up discussion where we review each goal to ensure that they are attainable based on your schedule.

The Accountability Program goals are reset every twelve weeks by our ABC team.

Our Accountability Programs are designed to help you maximize your life across all health related categories. The Accountability Subscription is a perfect fit for those already working with a Trainer.

How we do it

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